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10th-Anniversary-Fundraising-Efforts (2)

Global Spectrum Facility Management is pleased to announce charitable efforts raised $24,352.28in conjunction with Budweiser Gardens 10th Anniversary Celebration.  Fundraising efforts included a VIP Gala, silent auction, London Knights 50-50 draw and the collection of voluntary donations during a public open house.    This donation will be shared by Arts for All Kids and the George Bray Sports Association to benefit local arts and sports efforts.  Both organizations were announced as beneficiaries earlier this fall.

“I’m speechless with the generosity of Global Spectrum at Budweiser Gardens to support kids who would not normally have the opportunity to participate in the programs that Arts for All Kids offers.  It’s an honour that leaves me speechless”, said Karen Pincombe, Founder and Director of Arts for All Kids.

“To know that there is an established organization like Global Spectrum at Budweiser Gardens helping other organizations within the community and reaching such a grass roots program for children with special needs is overwhelming”, said Murray Howard, President of the George Bray Sports Association

“Our goal from the beginning was to make a difference locally and benefit both Arts and Sports to commemorate our 10th Anniversary.  In consultation with The London Community Foundation we were able identify two great organizations.  We are very grateful to the community for all their support and generosity.” said Brian Ohl, Global Spectrum’s Vice President and General Manager of Budweiser Gardens.

“Under Global Spectrum management, Budweiser Gardens has become a community treasure, one that contributes greatly to our smart and caring community. We were pleased to help match their interests and concerns with community needs and these great organizations.”   Martha Powell, President & C.E.O. London Community Foundation.

Arts for all Kids”, is a volunteer organization that provides free fine Arts instruction to children in families who cannot afford extra-curricular Instruction was one organization selected.

George Bray Sports Association”, an organization developed to allow children with learning, emotional, social and/or physical disabilities the opportunity to play hockey in a regular structured league was also selected.

PHOTO CAPTION: (from left:  Judy Sullivan – Global Spectrum (GS) Executive Assistant, Gary Turrell –  GS Director of Operations, Murray Howard – President of George Bray Sports Association, Karen Pincombe – Director of Arts for All Kids, Brian Ohl – GS Regional VP & General Manager of Budweiser Gardens, Richard Trella – GS Assistant General Manager at Budweiser Gardens

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